This project was born during the Technical Option "Mantenimiento a sistemas de microcómputo " at the CCH Naucalpan.We met a couple of friends and Prof. Raul Gonzalez Alzaga, and we decide to develop a distribution for the campus.

And so this project was born!

Later, Sergio,Alberto and Alfredo join the team. From version 2 was decided to develop a distribution not only for CCH, but for the Spanish-speaking countries.

The design of this new site was developed by Luis Cejudo.

The JNP packaging, which helps keep the distribution was also developed. Note that Jarro Negro it is not based on any other distribution GNU / Linux.

And the project is not institutional!

Throughout these years of development we have given lectures in various parts of Mexico and Latin America, with the help of different national and international agencies; and GUL'S.

The project has also received several awards from national and international institutions.

Armando Rodriguez Arguijo

Some Awards

Version History

Version Launch Desktop Packaging
3.0.0 24/02/2014 Enlightenment JNP
2.1.0 13/04/2012 Enlightenment JNP/RPM
2.0.3 26/01/2011 Enlightenment JNP/RPM
2.0.2 25/12/2008 Enlightenment JNP/RPM
2.0.1 13/04/2008 Enlightenment JNP
2.0.0 01/01/2008 Enlightenment JNP
0.0.2 05/03/2007 Gnome, Xfce, Wmaker, Icewm TGZ
0.0.1 16/09/2006 Gnome, Xfce, Wmaker, Icewm TGZ
1.0.1 10/04/2006 KDE, Xfce, Wmaker, Icewm TGZ
1.0.0 18/01/2006 KDE, Xfce, Wmaker, Icewm TGZ
0.0.2pre (MUSER) 03/08/2005 N/A N/A
0.0.1pre (MUSER) 26/01/2005 N/A N/A

Minimum Requirements

600Mhz x68 Processor
4GB HardDisk (installed)
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